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MINI-SOCCER - "the phenomenon"

We intend to have a football festival (3 days) at Easter 2003 for children between the ages of 6 and 11 - the festival will be designed as fun days. There will also be a summer coaching camp (1 week) as a follow up to this. Marketing and promotional work will follow at a later date once a schedule has been decided.

Speaking about mini-soccer, the IFA say:

"The Irish Football Association has invested a great deal of both human and financial resources into the development and support of Mini-Soccer programmes in Northern Ireland. To this end the IFA supports the development of Mini-Soccer programmes throughout Northern Ireland and see it as mandatory that boys and girls of various abilities and disabilities should enjoy and develop techniques, skills and team play in an environment that is both fun-filled and pressure free.

The IFA/Mini-Soccer ethos has been, and shall remain, to involve as many 6 to 11 year old children as possible in Mini-Soccer, regardless of ability, gender, creed or cultural background. The Mini-Soccer programmes are delivered in such a way as to develop cross-community relations, fostering principles of good conduct and fair play."

There are seven ways to help children enjoy and take part in soccer:

1. Feel success
2. Take an active part in the game
3. Learn to play in a team
4. Understand the rules
5. Develop soccer skills
6. Be able to take part regardless of ability
7. Develop fitness

The IFA also state that:

"The welfare of children and young people is paramount to the IFA. We endeavour to provide an environment which values and protects all children, in all aspects and at every level of football in Northern Ireland, regardless of perceived ability, cultural identity or religious beliefs. It is the policy of the IFA to protect children involved in football from all types of abuse."

Linfield will be setting up a mini soccer league. One already in place will be at the Shankill Leisure Centre involving 8 schools from the Shankill area with further expansion planned within South Belfast for schools in the area.

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