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David Chisholm

Linfield Youth Development Officer

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This scheme involves the community of the Linfield fan base and beyond. An example of this is the provision in place for free match day tickets for youth groups and schools, which has proved very successful and popular this season.

We have brought on board Junior Supporters Liaison Officer, Andy Conn, who is responsible for overseeing this element - he can be contacted via email at

These groups can access our facilities with a stadium visit which can be pre-arranged for non-match days - contact David Chisholm. Pre-match and half time mini-soccer displays on the Windsor Park pitch on match days can also be arranged - contact David Chisholm.

Women's soccer is now becoming of major importance with the emphasis being driven by UEFA. We have been and are currently in talks to introduce women's soccer under the umbrella of Linfield Football Club and hopefully this should culminate in a Linfield team by the end of 2003.

We are currently building a programme designed specifically for children with special needs. We will be entering into such a programme in partnership with the Cedar Hill Foundation who cater for boys and girls with cerebral palsy. Part of this programme will be two six-week coaching programmes. Working with these children gives the coaches a great deal of satisfaction.

We have just completed a one-year community development grant and are in the process of re-applying for this. This small amount of money encompassed partnerships - partners included Carniny Youth from Ballymena, Ardoyne Y.C., Shankill juniors, two junior clubs from Dundalk- and a coach education programme. All children who participated in this scheme benefited and each were given expert coaching and a free t-shirt. We hope this programme continues with additional funding as proved before.

Linfield have also recognised that there is a growing Chinese community in the catchment area of Windsor Park. As the result of being awarded a small grant, we are going to celebrate the Chinese New Year during the game against Ards at home on 8 February. This extravaganza will include two lions going head-to-head with traditional Chinese music as a background. This is being assisted by Gordon Walker, Olympia Community Centre, who's generous donation from his funds have enabled this to occur. This will be another first for Linfield Football Club and is recognition of the respect for different cultures within our society. Also as part of 'football in the community' David Chisholm will be carrying out 108 free coaching sessions within the post and primary school sector. This is as part of an ongoing programme of integrating children into the Linfield family and community. Hopefully this will lead to the identification of even more talented footballers to move into our centres of excellence.

There will also be a programme of coaching sessions carried out on behalf of the McDonalds food chain in post-primary schools between March and June 2003 and September and November 2003.

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